Factors Affecting Mental Health

Mental health must really be watched for intensely and it should be taken cared of completely. If you want to avoid mental health problems from occurring, it is important that you know the factors that can lead to it. Here are some of the factors:

Abuse or violence: Abuse or violence is one of the most serious factors that really affect mental health. Abused individuals are more likely to experience some mental disorders or mental illnesses. Abuse may vary. It can be physical, psychological or sexual abuse. These kinds of violence may not be that evident in just one look. Unlike for physical abuse, this can be easily recognized. You can really see some real evidence for this case. You can actually see bruises, wounds, scratches and all those evident proofs for such abuse. Experiencing abuse or violence can greatly lower one’s self-esteem and self-confidence. It can also cause severe depression and anger as well. This will hinder an individual’s happy life, thus making it more miserable. This will later result to mental deficiencies in the future.

Broken family: When you belong in a broken family, it can greatly affect your mental health. Broken family comes in a form of separation or divorce between parents. It can also be through a death of a parent or any family member. This situation can be very devastating and frustrating. Anyone who might experience this kind of situation will undergo severe depression and loneliness. When these feelings are extremely acknowledged inside a person’s life, it can definitely cause some mental disturbances or mental illnesses. It is important that you know how to cope with this kind of situation. If you cannot overcome this certain situation in your life, then there might be great tendencies of some mental health problems.

Disease condition: Unfortunately, there are also some disease conditions that can badly affect an individual’s mental health. You may experience brain injuries due to some accidents, or brain damage due to some diseases. You may also experience mental disturbances due to drug abuse or drug addiction as well. These experiences can greatly affect the brain and can really result to some mental changes or worse, mental illnesses.

You see, there are so many factors that can greatly affect mental health. If you want to avoid these things from happening, consider these factors mentioned above and have a healthy life.