Everything You Need to Know About Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse, especially when done during the stages of childhood can potentially destroy a woman’s life. That is because apart from the physical injuries she may suffer like the possibility of losing her womb, she may also obtain emotional scars that could affect the way she lives her life when she becomes an adult.

A girl who has become a victim of sexual abuse may not at the time of the abuse be aware that she is already being harassed. But by the time she reaches her puberty, and she realizes what happened to her as a child, she could develop potentially destructive sexual habits, or may develop problems with regards to intimacy and sexual aspects of her life.

There have been a lot of cases where sexual abuse during a woman’s childhood caused dysfunctions in a woman’s sexual interest, desire and ability to be aroused or to experience orgasm. That is because the sexual intimacy and contact involved in a sexual act is permanently associated to their traumatic experience. There are cases too, where a woman who has experienced sexual abuse as a child develops excessively seductive and impulsive behaviors that could cause them to engage actively in sexual activities by the time they reach their teens.

This could lead to teenage pregnancy, or in rare cases, prostitution. Aside from this, a woman who has suffered sexual abuse during childhood could develop very destructive habits such as alcoholism and drug abuse. There are also cases where she can suffer panic attacks, depression and anxiety.

Helping a woman who has gone through sexual abuse can be difficult because they are often too ashamed or hostile to be open to mental health support. After all, this kind of abuse is not something that can be discussed openly. The kind of pain brought about by the trauma of their childhood entails a kind of mental health support, which is offered by a mental health network that has the necessary background and expertise in dealing with cases like these.

A mental health network can offer the proper tools to start the healing process brought about by this kind of abuse. The warm welcome and mental health support being offered by a health network may be enough to alleviate any discomforts a woman can have about opening up about her traumatic experience.