Drug Abuse and Your Health Insurance Premium

It is true that a lot of people will do anything for a high. People abuse prescription drugs just to get high with a temporary but harmful feel of relief. Some of the harmful practices drug abusers engage in include sniffing of cleaning fluids, gasoline, fingernail fluids, wood polish substances, glue, lighter fluids and so many more volatile substances.

It is true that sniffed substances produce a quick reaction that drug abusers like; this is because they are rapidly absorbed into the blood stream. This rapid absorption gives it its almost instant reaction thus producing the relief the abuser wants.

Another easily abused drugs are those gotten over-the-counter. Over the counter drugs which contain alcohol and can induce sleepiness are loved by abusers. The dangers involved in abusing these drugs are numerous. When they are taken in excess, they have the ability to interfere with the abuser’s senses. They especially attack hearing and vision; thus leading to confusion, hallucinations, stomach pains and cases of numbness.

You are advised to get proper education from a medical professional on the administration of a particular drug, the dosage and time of the day to take the drug before taking the drug. Prescribed drugs have great benefits if taken correctly.

Your health insurance company will love to know your drug administration history. If you have a record of abusing drugs prescribed to you and ingesting other drugs that were not prescribed for you, you will be given a high medical insurance premium. You can save hundreds of dollars yearly on your health insurance by obeying simple medical rules from a medical professional.

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